18 May, 2018

LOCATION / Alameda D.Afonso Henriques 7 A BEGINS / 06:40 pm

The CommUnity by Innoenergy Lisbon is thrilled to announce its first Speaker Series event of the year!
This time you will have the chance to not only hear interesting insights about an InnoEnergy’s entrepreneur – Rui Teixeira, CEO and founder of Heaboo – but you can also be protagonist of a pitching session where to express and show your innovative ideas about needed solutions in the building sector!

 Why you should attend this event:

• Join the international CommUnity by InnoEnergy and become a CommUnity member by attending the event;

• Get the opportunity of pitching your idea in front of a like-minded audience;

• Be part of a discussion around innovative solution for energy efficiency in the building sectors;

• Exchange your experience with other entrepreneurs and professionals;

• Get inspired by new ideas and technologies.

 Click here to register now.