26 September, 2018

LOCATION / Alameda D.Afonso Henriques 7 A BEGINS / 06:45 pm

Require(‘lx’) is the largest monthly meetup of JavaScript developers in Lisbon.

In September we’ll be learning about Nodebots and modern debugging methodologies.  The meetup will be hosted by EDIT.WORK . All developers are welcome!

26th September -Require(‘lx’) Meetup – 6:45 PM

Tiago Alves

Robots for Frontend Developers
“JavaScript on the Frontend? Sure! In the Backend? We’ve seen that too. But… how about Javascript controlling hardware?! This talk will show how to use our favorite language to program robots with Raspberry-Pi and Arduino. All that in a dangerous combination of live coding, a live-multiplayer demo and literally duct-tape assembled hardware.”

José Nogueira

Debugging like it’s 3018
“Using console.log for debugging is so 2018. Come to the future and use the full power of vscode to have an integrated, interactive and amazing experience while debugging. DISCLAIMER: Debug AI not included with the presentation.”

There will be plenty of snacks and beer! Please, confirm your attendance.

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